By using a unique combination of market-wide transaction data, primary market research and management consultancy, we’re able to leverage the hidden value within your data.

Market Share and Productivity

Market Share and Productivity (“MSP”) solutions are a collection of contributory databases of monthly sales data for intermediary-sold investment funds, savings, pension, life insurance, and mortgage products that help drive revenue through business intelligence and robust data analytics. In addition, MSP collects data that helps clients assess and benchmark their sales organisation productivity. This can be assessed by gross sales, top selling products, sales and support staff productivity, and distribution channel performance against your competitors.

Monitor market trends

We can help you understand your full relative position compared to your peers. You may know who your top clients are and what they are doing with you, but do you have the full picture of what else they are doing in the market? Identify new prospects based on sales volume in a specific product area or sector - enabling you to prioritise your sales and marketing efforts.

Fact finding for new or existing clients

Gain a better understanding of your intermediary clients – Who is growing? What products or sectors they are interested in? What platforms do they use? Combined with details of the firms, key branches and key individuals - you can provide your clients the right assistance.

Monitoring sales team performance

Have an at-a-glance view of your sales and marketing effectiveness – showing growth and key performance indicators; identify trends to input into your strategic reviews.

Data is critical to a variety of stakeholders across all organization levels


Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction surveys examine buyer perspectives that client executives consider strategically important to sales success.

Sample topics covered include:

  • Breadth and quality of product offerings
  • Reputation
  • Sales support and responsiveness
  • Marketing effectiveness
  • Brand recognition
  • Financial strength

Study results are delivered via on-going, in-person presentations to client senior executives, which allow us to translate survey findings into meaningful, strategic insights that maximise client value.

This also gives you a 360-degree view of customer satisfaction, sales organisation, and marketing effectiveness - Helping clients to answer critical questions such as:

  • Who is likely to gain and lose market share and why?
  • What drives customer and employee decision-making and satisfaction?
  • What are my strengths and weaknesses, as well as those of my competitors?

Marketing and Communication

Can you reach your target audience?

If you’re planning a sales or marketing campaign to financial intermediaries in the UK it is essential that you use an up-to-date and comprehensive database to reach your target audience. That’s where the Matrix Financial Intermediary Database (MFID) comes in. It’s the only complete, accurate and comprehensive database of all FCA-registered UK advisers on the market. As such, it’s an invaluable marketing tool to help you promote your products and services to the right audience and can help you get the kind of response rates you are hoping to achieve.

We offer a range of licensing options, including our advanced web-based dashboard application called Adviser Connect. This puts the full force of our 50,000 intermediary firms and 25,000 individual email addresses at your disposal. You can achieve a huge range of marketing segmentation and analysis to build a campaign that will reach exactly the right audience with just the right message.

Clarity Update

This allows our clients to sponsor an email newsletter distributed to targeted segments within their existing and potential client base of advisers. The end-users receive updated information on specific sector overviews, usable for distribution to consumers, including headlines, top funds, and relevant expert commentary.

Clarity Profile

This provides third party journalistic-style reviews of sponsored funds.

For both communication streams, the distribution lists are based on Financial Clarity sales data to allow clients to specifically target readers based on desired fund or brands with highly customised content, leading to exceptional reader engagement.