Our comprehensive suite of products and services enables you to turn the information that you hold into actionable insights.


Financial Clarity is a suite of revenue-driving business intelligence tools which have been developed for the financial services industry. By combining transactional data and the Intermediary intelligence we are able to provide detailed analytics to help your business grow and develop new products by understanding the market better. Financial Clarity will help your organisation to shape its sales, marketing and distribution strategies.

Financial Clarity dashboards are uniquely generated for every participating company, based on how their own individual sales fit into the overall market. In short it can enable:


Growth through new business

Identify new prospects based on sales volume in a specific product area or sector - enabling you to prioritise your sales and marketing efforts.

Fact finding for new or existing clients

Gain a better understanding of your intermediary clients – Who is growing? What products or sectors they are interested in? What platforms they use combined with details of the firms, who are the branches and key individuals so you can provide them the right assistance.

Client segmentation

Ability to identify the right type of clients and prospects to set different strategies based on their needs.

Monitoring sales team performance

Have an at-a-glance view of your sales and marketing effectiveness – showing growth and key performance indicators; identify trends to input into your strategic reviews.

Monitor market trends

See a clear breakdown of the entire market - enabling you to identify and react to any significant changes or trends.

Integrate into your CRM workflow

Maintain contact details (tel, email etc) and firm data (address, branches, FCA number etc.) combined with the latest flow information automatically updated from Financial Clarity.

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At present all UK mortgage lenders are required to provide Product Sales Data (PSD) to the FCA on a regular basis – this contains information about every new mortgage created. In parallel UK Finance collect the same data from its Members - representing over 96% of the regulated mortgage market – this data is the backbone of the Mortgage Clarity.

Matrix Solutions has collected aggregated and analysed PSD data for UK Finance since 1st January 2011. Additionally we have incorporated our large market coverage of detailed mortgage Applications data for residential and by-to-let lending, down to broker outlet level.

What benefits does Mortgage Clarity deliver?

Our use of online dashboards, advanced analytics applications, additional proprietary broker intelligence and our proven history of successful data integration projects means that you can create and deliver analysis and reports that are insightful and accessible to audiences at all levels of your organisation.

For the first time, UK Finance Members will be able to see exactly who is selling their products, how to contact them and how this relates to their own sales, marketing and distribution structures. It provides:


Strategic benefits - Competitive analysis

  • Identification of new market opportunities
  • Improve & track performance of sales and distribution pipeline
  • Analysis includes Applications, Completions & BTL Data
  • Profiling - identify leading areas where you are overweight or underweight for any product, loan type, loan size, LTV or borrower attributes.

Sales benefits - Broker analysis

  • Improve Sales through better understanding of broker activity
  • Monitor share of wallet with key accounts, networks and brokers
  • Target the ‘right brokers’ for your products and improve prospecting
  • Better informed Proc Fee analysis

Compliance benefit risk profiling

  • Track exposure to risky lending. Particularly relevant in line with Basel III regulations
  • Measure exposure against your peers e.g. interest only/90= ltv - risky lending
  • Get a better understanding of lending into retirementg

Strategic benefits quality reporting

  • The ability to monitor better understanding of broker activity
  • Target the brokers most suited to your business and products
  • Monitor and improve the quality of all broker applications
  • Application to completion Analysis
  • Better informed Proc Fee discussions

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By giving users access to information about the demographic profile of their end investors in conjunction with factual own and market sales transactions, you can now develop specific sales and marketing strategies that are segmented according to their end-investor profile for the first time.

Furthermore, the variables provide key insight for compliance teams to ensure products are being sold to the right investors.

Consumer Profile is composed of three key data sources:


Transactional data

Transactional data (Gross, Net and AUM) which is collected every month from Fund Management Groups, Life & Pension Companies and Platforms. We currently collect over 90% of all intermediated retail transaction data from the UK Financial Services industry.

Financial advisers’ contact details

Financial Advisers’ contact details which make up the UK’s most comprehensive data source, the Matrix Financial Intermediary Database (MFID).

Experian’s financial strategy segments

Experian’s Financial Strategy Segments (FSS) the UK’s most widely used and comprehensive consumer demographic model for the Financial Services industry.

Consumer Profile has major benefits for Industry Compliance as well as Product Development, Marketing & Sales Strategy and Environmental Awareness.

Product suitability

Gives you a detailed understanding of the end investor’s profile and whether your products are suitable for their needs. Provides a view of both your own products and/versus the rest of market to identify both existing target market suitability and new opportunities.

Compliance/regulatory requirements

In conjunction with Experian’s Financial Strategy Segments, Consumer Profile enables you to accurately segment your investor base in line with a common industry standards. The detailed results from the service help you to demonstrate that you are treating your customers fairly and will aid your management of Conduct Risk.


Are the right investors being targeted with the correct communication? You can identify the groups and types of individuals you are after and make sure the right message gets through to your relevant audience and identify locations and intermediaries who have access to that audience. It’s also a very useful tool for any Product Risk review requirements.

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Adviser Connect is the only complete, accurate and comprehensive database of all FCA-registered UK advisers on the market. As such, it’s an invaluable marketing tool to help you promote your products and services to the right audience and can help you get the kind of response rates you are hoping to achieve.

If you’re planning a sales or marketing campaign to financial intermediaries in the UK it is essential that you use an up-to-date and comprehensive database to reach your target audience. Data erodes quickly as people change jobs, move offices, gain specialisms & qualifications and alter their charging structures. If you don’t have access to the latest information then you’ll potentially be wasting a sizeable portion of your marketing spend on poorly targeted campaigns. What’s more, you’re likely to be damaging your brand’s reputation by looking out of touch and unprofessional to the very people you’re trying to impress.

We offer a range of licensing options, which puts the full force of our 50,000 intermediary firms and 25,000 individual email addresses at your disposal. You can achieve a huge range of marketing segmentation and analysis to build a campaign that will reach exactly the right audience with just the right message.

Principal selection filters:

Geographical area Country, Postcode, Proximity
Regulator / Network Directly regulated and appointed representatives
Staff size Total employees and sales staff
Turnover Banded estimated turnover for firms
Contact permissions Qualifications, Control function permissions
Job title Chief Executive, Director, Partner, Financial Adviser, etc.
Business activities E.g. Slipps, VCTs, Life Assurance, etc.

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If you use email campaigns and direct mail to communicate with customers, prospects or intermediaries, we can help you to streamline your campaigns and mailings.

Perhaps you use direct mail to send out statutory mailings to customers or perhaps you incorporate it as part of your marketing strategy. Whilst direct mail is a common method of communicating with the pubic and providing important information, managing the process is a time consuming task and it is easy to incur unnecessary expense. It can be more efficient and cost-effective to outsource activities.

Our campaign management service covers everything from advising you on the nature and timing of your campaign to tracking the responses generated, helping you to maximise your return on investment from marketing. Our account management service team will organise all aspects of your mailing for you from start to finish.

The first stage of any campaign, whether on or offline, is to identify the target audience. Using our advanced analysis software we can help you choose the most relevant consumers or IFAs for your particular product. This may be based on distance from a selected location, previous buying behaviour or other profiling variables such as:

Planning regional sales seminars to your best prospects based on drive-time to selected venues.
Identify the predicted optimum ROI for any marketing activity based on proven economic models.

We are also able to provide in-depth analysis on the responses received from any mailing or email campaign allowing you to pinpoint the most successful aspects of your marketing activity, and the profile of consumers most likely to respond to further marketing campaigns.


Contact us to find out more, or send us an email at info@matrixsolutions.co.uk


Clarity Update is a weekly digest for the busy investment intermediary. Clarity Update gives advisers the confidence to know that they are up to speed with sector developments and gives them a set of digital links to the relevant source material, all in one place.

Clarity Update content marketing solution is a weekly HTML email sent to relevant UK financial advisers containing content aggregated from news sources and Morningstar data. This content is then overlaid with our own analysis to create a quick and easily digestible sector summary.

The market is broken down into logical asset management sectors as identified by both the volume of sales based on the Financial Clarity sales history and Morningstar categories. We also include key content in the retirement space.

What does the content look like?

The content has been designed to give a busy intermediary a condensed digest of relevant market sector information.


A compilation of the most relevant news stories specific to the IA Sector for that Clarity Update, drawn from all media sources. This will appear as a headline with a brief summary of the article. Live links to the source article will allow intermediaries to drive their own news agenda and get more detailed information with just one click.


Powered by our data partner Financial express (FE). Simple summary graphs of key sector metrics with live links for further detailed analysis of the sector. Data tables to include top fund managers and funds in the sector.

Qualitative commentary

An objective view of sector performance and outlook for the sector from one of our qualitative analysis partners such as OBSR, RSM, Square Mile and FE.

Financial Clarity analysis

A brief overview of intermediary buying patterns in that specific sector.

Proposition to fund partner

Each weekly sector update will have one exclusive sponsor who will receive exclusive association with a particular fund class or sectors demonstrating commitment and expertise high profile branding through two promotional sites within email.

Distribution of high quality and relevant content live links to drive engaged traffic and generate sales leads

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